Are You Ready For A Sarplaninac?

Sarplaninac puppies playing in the snow, Photo by Paul White
Sarplaninac puppies playing in the snow
Photo by Paul White

If you can answer YES to these questions,
you might be ready to be a Sarplaninac owner!

Are you committed to caring for this Sarplaninac for
10-14 years?

Taking on any animal is a big decision, and should be considered with great weight about your life and theirs

Do you have enough space for this Sarplaninac?

They will need a good amount of secured space to be happy; an apartment is not an ideal home for a Sarplaninac

Are you prepared to be a strong leader for this Sarplaninac?

They need a strong leader to guide them and keep them from getting into trouble at times

Are you willing to work with this Sarplaninac and train with them?

They are stubborn and free-thinkers; starting positive training at a young age has great advantages

Will you supervise this Sarplaninac around strangers and children at all times?

They need supervision at times, especially when a stranger enters their territory

Are you (and your neighbors) okay with barking?

They are bred to be watchful protectors, and will bark when something is out of place or a threat to them

Talk to your close neighbors and provide them with information on LGDs and how they work. It is helpful to have everyone on the same page to avoid issues

Are you able to control the dominant nature of this Sarplaninac?

They are not recommended for first-time dog owners due to their dominant nature at times and will test your authority

These are not meant to scare you, promise.

Sarplaninac are amazing dogs and can make great companion animals in the right situations; however, these questions are meant to make you think about how serious it is to take on a breed such as the Sarplaninac. They need a strong, but loving leader. They need someone who will care for them their entire life. They need someone who understands how they think and operate, and works to provide them with a meaningful and fulfilling life.

If you answered YES to the questions above . . .

You might be ready for a Sarplaninac!

Sarplaninac puppies playing in the snow near mother, Photo by Paul White
Sarplaninac puppies playing in the snow near mother
Photo by Paul White

It is important to vet your breeder and make sure you are getting a dog that is true to the breed. While being uncommon in the United States and Canada, there are still a few reputable breeders available if you are looking for a Sarplaninac.

Below we have links to some breeders that we would recommend checking out and contacting if you are searching for a Sarplaninac. We have known a few of these people for years and consider them to be friends and fellow Sarplaninac lovers. They care about the breed, and most importantly, they care about the well-being of their dogs.